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Architects’ Reviews

Agata Freitag, Architect, interior designer </br>
(...) We strive to give each interior an individual and sophisticated character. The project by Andrzej and Dawid Bartwicki's team perfectly meets the most demanding criterion of the final product - customer satisfaction, often giving the space a unique and distinctive character.
Kamil Domachowski, Architect, interior designer </br>
(...) architectural design is created in the context of a given space, and so is interior design. We may continue in line with this context, or use it to create contrast. It must be done in a logical and thought-out way, and reflect a coherent idea. It does not have to please everyone, or be seen as beautiful by everyone, but it should be logical, should be an attempt at eliciting more emotional than detached comments. It should be presented in a solid way; connoisseurs perceive the whole through details and do not accept any flaws in their execution. Andrzej and Dawid Bartwicki's handiworks are the art of detail, since they are never satisfied by a whole which is only superficially found to be good...
Joanna Olejniczak-Suchecka, Architect, interior designer </br>
(...) for many years, we have worked together on very complex arrangements. In addition to attention to detail and perfect workmanship, Andrzej has offered interesting and original solutions. Furniture and interiors are created to last, so the designed space must meet our customers' expectations not only in visual but functional terms, too. The long-term satisfaction of our customers is our top priority

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