We are a family business, operating since 1986  BARTMEL Furniture Factory is located in Lubichowo in the Kociewie region, on the edge of the Tuchola Forest. For nearly 30 years, we have been making furniture for our customers, who are involved in its design.

Initially, we specialised in the production and assembly of tailor-made kitchen furniture for customers from neighbouring towns. Over time, our product line has grown and our furniture design has developed greatly. Our furniture began to appear in the stores of the nearby Trójmiasto (Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot) and other parts of Poland. Handicraft is our passion and pride. Yes, we create with passion, to ensure that every piece of furniture and every component represents a unique style and excellent quality.
The company’s employees constitute an important part of its capital – experts in the furniture industry, often continuing a long-standing family tradition of work in this profession. Tradition obliges.

Andrzej & Dawid Bartwicki.

Andrzej & Dawid Bartwicki. Two generations of carpenters.


Andrzej Bartwicki

Our furniture is created by furniture carpenters. A huge amount of precise, manual work gives our production process an artisanal and unique character. Hundreds of completed designs allow us to propose the optimal solutions for the customer.

Producing the furniture ourselves means we can implement our own ideas and have the ability to adopt proven, yet non-conventional solutions.

The idea is very simple. Whether it is a bespoke design or finished furniture, there is no place for compromise when it comes to quality. Our many years of presence in the market and hundreds of satisfied customers allow us to develop optimal solutions at a difficult and demanding stage of interior design. We work with the best suppliers of furniture accessories and other required components.  We treat one another with mutual respect and trust, and this is a guarantee of mutual success.

Our furniture owes its beauty to precise workmanship. We use the best grades of wood, which we process ourselves using our expertise and experience.

Andrzej Bartwicki
I started working in the quality assurance department at a local furniture factory under the guidance of the old masters of the furniture industry. It was they, and their solid furniture craftsmanship, who taught me to take great care of even the smallest detail of the furniture. Now, I try to teach the same to my apprentices and co-workers.
Andrzej Bartwicki