Architect, interior designer

Some customers ask us, and cooperating architects, to design the whole interior of their flats or houses.
This is an exceptional challenge for us, since we have to take care of every detail and of consistency over large areas.
The design and conceptual works usually take several weeks, as does the transfer of the customer’s vision into the specific furniture, cabinetry and lighting.
Our largest project – a 200 square metre, multi-storey flat in an old townhouse – took us four months, including gaining permits from the regional historic buildings officer.
We also provide design supervision during the entire implementation process. Cost estimates are also tailor-made. You will receive photos of 3D visual renditions of the designed room, along with the complete project documentation.
We also encourage you to send us inquiries providing a description of the proposed project. The whole preliminary process takes place by email and telephone. The documentation with visual rendition is the final product of such cooperation in the design phase.
In addition to residential spaces, we also design industrial and business interiors: medical clinics with adjacent rooms, restaurants and offices.

In almost every interior, the customer’s preferences are unique and very exclusive. Every design needs to be carefully prepared. We listen to our customers, who determine their main objectives, preferences and needs.

Alone, or together with our designers, they discuss the concept and then we find the best possible solutions. Using computer software, we develop a visual rendition of our design. After arriving at a joint agreement with our customer, we prepare a cost estimate and, once it is approved, we sign a contract and set deadlines. It is only then that we start making the furniture in our factory. The penultimate stage is the assembly and installation of the furniture in its final location and the final  step is ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.

We can also prepare designs and cost estimates by mail, but it requires sharing many details with us. Please contact us for more information if you prefer this approach.


– meeting with the customer
– conceptual design
– design visualisation


– developing a cost estimate
for a design
– project variants


– negotiation of contractual terms
and conditions
– contract signature